All Your Life, Without Realizing It, You've Been Playing
"The Money Game" ... And Losing

Now, Finally, You Can Win ...

Hi Friend ...

Welcome to the official website for Busting Loose From The Money Game, my latest book and related body of work.

Let me start your visit by asking you a simple but critical question:

"What's your relationship with money like right now?"

Are you in debt, struggling to make ends meet or fed up with not having enough?

Are you doing OK financially but want to do much better?

Are you doing extremely well financially but feel stressed out, trapped, restricted or confined by what it takes to sustain your success?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of those questions, you've been playing The Money Game. You were taught it has certain rules and regulations and you've been following them faithfully, never once questioning their truthfulness, validity, or looking for alternatives.

You Can Pile Up More And More Winnings, But ...

You can become a better and better player of The Money Game. You can pile up more and more winnings in your accounts. You can save for a rainy day, invest wisely and plan for a comfortable retirement.

But you can't win The Money Game. Why? Because it was designed to create total and utter failure, which is an unsettling Truth few people realize or admit.

No matter how good you get at playing The Money Game and no matter how much money you pile up, there's always a major price to pay in the form of restriction, stress, relationship strain, health issues, disillusionment, or loss of something else far more important -- if you play according to the rules and regulations you were taught.

Here's How You Can Win ...

The only way to win The Money Game is to bust loose from it altogether, discard the rules and regulations you thought you had to play by — and start playing a new game with a new set of rules that work for you.

Through the resources available through this site, I reveal my Busting Loose Process and how to harness it to experience True Financial Freedom (versus the fake financial freedom most people talk about).

Once you bust loose, there's no more worrying about bills or the balance in your checkbook. No more asking "Can I afford that?" Or "Should I buy that?" No more saving up to buy or do things -- or denying yourself what you really want because "it's too expensive."

Once you bust loose, there’s no more worrying about assets and liabilities, income, savings, debt, profits, retirement, asset protection or taxes.

There’s no more of the complexity, worry and stress that come from trying to intelligently manage, grow and protect the winnings you've been able to pile up.

In short ... once you bust loose, there are no more limits or restrictions of any kind as it relates to money. And when you reach that point, the other aspects of your life open up and expand at the same time -- in ways you can't even imagine right now.

It May Sound Unbelievable, But ...

It's actually very real and absolutely doable – when you have a map, which The Busting Loose Process will give you.

No matter what you think you know about money, wealth, prosperity and abundance, or how many books, tapes or seminars you've experienced on those topics, Busting Loose From The Money Game will open a portal to a new experience of money and a radically different way living.

Thanks for visiting. You're very welcome here ...


Bob Scheinfeld


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